Michela’s favourite five!

Here are my favourites.  It was hard to choose — I learned so much this past year from these other three women!
Here we go:

1) Courtney’s “Book Binge” because that’s how I discovered Oliver Jeffers, and my son and I are very grateful for that.

2) Esther’s “Make a bus” because that’s one of the best kid’s projects ever.

3) Emilie’s “A Time and a Place“, because it made me laugh and made me realise I will have to explain a few things in the future.

4) Courtney’s “Kids and jet lag” because it took away some of the fears I have of crossing many time zones with my children.

5) Esther’s “Snow white“, because it made me cry and made me realise how poetic the view of an innocent child on death can be.

What a great year!



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Joan Muller
October 31, 2008

Lately I saw somewhere a birth anouncement made by Elf’s and Angels, does anyone know there website, because I want something like that from my baby-girl.

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