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Eco My PartyI’ve already written before about my anxiety over the amount of waste we create with every birthday party… Can you imagine all those plastic cups, plates, cutlery, balloons, decorations, and party favors that end up in the bin with each party we throw? It really makes me sick to think how easy it is to be so wasteful.

It’s a good thing Helen Thomson, an English mom to two boys, decided to create a company which would make it easy to be eco.  Helen’s company, Eco My Party, is a no-fuss party supply shop which sells only eco-friendly products which will decompose in your compost bin after use.  It’s brilliant.

She sells everything you need to create the perfect party: balloons, candles, cups, plates, decorations, stationery, wrapping paper, etc.  All of it is biodegradable, and not to mention, also very stylish (think simple wooden cutlery, cute bamboo serving bowls, organic and fairtrade bunting, etc.).

This is one party supply store we should all be using.  After all, we want our kids to have many, many birthdays to come…



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October 29, 2008

I love it all! It would have been perfect for our garden parties in London (we had a compost bin in the back)!

November 1, 2008

Hi there! I just came across your site and am delighted that you have mentioned us! We love a good party and one that can ease the world’s hangover as well as ones own eco-guilt is just what we love! We are launching our new brand in the third week of November, so be sure to have a look at our new branding and products ready for the party season! We will be promoting our Totally Eco Disposable Festivity Party Packs complete with fabulous decorations and stylish partyware, as well as plantable wrapping paper and invitations, mini hot air balloons and our new hand-made, locally sourced willow hanging stars, christmas trees and eco party balls! We look forward to seeing you all at!!

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