October 25, 2008

Duchy Highland ShortbreadNearly 20 years ago, long before the huge wave of organic foods began to arrive at our local foodshops, HRH The Prince of Wales believed we needed to think about the long-term future of our environment and our rural communities. It was this thought that launched the idea of Duchy Originals, and in 1992 the company began with its first product, the oaten biscuit.
Duchy Originals is now a rather booming company with more than 200 quintessentially British food products. It also has made and given over £6 million to The Prince’s Charity Foundation in support of local farmers and with the intention of tackling climate change.

Aside from the interesting history (and the fact that its founded by a Prince!!), Duchy Originals food products are delicious and unique. In fact, I’ve never bought a Duchy product that didn’t impress!

While Duchy is probably most famous for the biscuits, including the original oaten biscuit and the highland shortbread biscuits, there are other products which are simply unparalleled in taste… like the range of jams and marmalades, the delicious soups, and the tasty desserts.

Really, you can’t go wrong! This is definitely a must ‘buy and try’ if you’re visiting London.



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October 25, 2008

true! I love those oat biscuits, they’re great with cheese. But I also liked the handsoap and lotion that I used at esther’s in london.

October 25, 2008

Yes! I too LOVE their soaps and lotions. Seriously, everything they do is great!

October 25, 2008

I miss my Duchy’s handsoap! In fact, I miss everything Duchy (although some products of the range can be found in organic shops here in Amsterdam, like the jams, marmelades and biscuits).
And I think it is so great that HRH the Prince of Wales was sort of made fun of when he just started this project, and now it turns out to had great foresight!

October 26, 2008

My local organic shop has suddenly stopped stocking Duchy’s and I am so sad!

November 3, 2008

everything except their ready meals. They shouldn’t have branched into the ready meals… full of salt and very bland tasting.

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