niou.jpgI love, love, love the Villlage St. Paul, which is a great place to know about if you are in Paris for the weekend, as it is one of the few areas open on a Sunday. Sandwiched between the rue St Antoine and the Seine in the 4th, The Village consists of several little courtyards which are all interlinked and filled with little shops. Most of them are antique dealers, but you can also find Niou there, a lovely little toy shop.

It is the best place for me to go if I am looking for a present and want to find something unique and fun.

Niou stocks the Wheely Bugs , PlaySam, Automoblox and lots of other toys we have reviewed here on Babyccino.

The other day I was having a browse around the shop and I was listening to the owner show a friend of his the new stock he had received. He was excited like a kid to have all these great new things in his shop. For me that was the best advertisement for Niou; it is the kind of place in which you feel that the shopkeeper has hand-picked every single item and loves what he does.



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October 22, 2008

I went to Niou with my husband when we were in Paris and LOVED it! Such a cute shop!
I could have spent hours there!

October 22, 2008

I have good memories of wandering around the Village St. Paul with you when our first little ones were just small…
This IS such a cute shop!

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