Keet in Huis

KeetKNSM island used to be quite a rough and industrial part of the Amsterdam harbor before it was transformed into a very cool residential island, and nowadays, this is where you can find one of the finest kid’s lifestyle shops of Amsterdam: Keet in Huis.
Keet in Huis (‘Mess in the House’), sells everything from furniture, bed linen, interior accessories, baby buggies, toys and books, which, you might think, by itself is not so extra-ordinary at all, but if you consider the amazing taste levels of the owners, you would be sold like every other mother who has ever set foot in this shop. Wonderful!

I can spend hours in ‘Keet in Huis’, and have an especially hard time pulling myself away of the downstairs bedding area. My kids don’t mind, because there is a lovely little play area where they can meet little friends whose mums are in a similar situation (stuck with the choice: which duvet cover to pick?).
Courtney, who has been a few times (it’s always on her list of things to do in Amsterdam), finds the bedding to be extremely Dutch. This means, according to her, that there are loads of very bright colours, and tons of gingham. This is probably true, as there are loads of bright colours in my kids’ bedroom – and loads of gingham!

Making your way to KNSM island (not that far from Amsterdam Central Station) is certainly worth it, not only for a visit to ‘Keet in Huis’, but also to find some other fantastic design shops in the area (and a little playground at the other site of the street). Make sure to check Sissy Boy Homeland out too – they have great houseware, and a cute little café!

xxx Esther


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October 21, 2008

Wow, I never knew what ‘Keet in Huis’ meant. I love it. I, too have been to this store and it is amazing!!! It’s a definite go-to destination while in Amsterdam.

October 22, 2008

I LOVE this shop!!!!! It’s so cute! The whole island is really cool. Makes me want to come visit!

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