Città del Sole

October 21, 2008

cittasole.jpgThis chain of toy shops is really a ray of light in a town where (nice) toy shops are difficult to find! The Città del Sole was founded over 30 years ago by Carlo Basso who still today carefully chooses the selections of toys that will be part of the catalogue.
Since my childhood Città del Sole has been a synonym of good quality educational toys. They sell funny, imaginative toys from big and small brands with a particular predilection for traditional toys. For example, you can find Schleich  animals, Sigikid stuffed animals, Plan Toys pull-alongs, Galt toys and a big selection of arts and crafts material.
They have also been the main dealers of all the books by Bruno Munari and have been partners in a few of the exhibitions devoted to the great artist who thought so fondly of children and their playtime.
If the shop is not too crowded (Saturday afternoons or Christmas time) the owners will gladly take their time to help you choose that little present you are desperate to buy; they will listen to you, ask your budget and always find something you will be happy with, big or small. Oh, and they will also gift-wrap it for you!
They have four shops in Milan, so refer to the website for addresses. They also happen to be one of the few toy retailers which has a good web-shop.
How’s that? So modern, yet very traditional.


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October 22, 2008

Perfect. It seems like one of those toy shops where you always succeed finding a nice present!

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