(As) if one layer isn’t difficult enough…

george luckOur family loves puzzles to start with, but the puzzles in our house that we love most are from George Luck.
George Luck makes puzzles that are not only very pretty (all out of wood and with beautifully coloured non-toxic paint), but are also extremely challenging, because the puzzles have up to five layers!
Where conventional printed and cardboard puzzles encourage children to look at the picture but not the shape of the piece, George Luck puzzles stimulate the skill of shape recognition, and shape recognition is essential to learning the alphabet and learning to read!
So not only are these puzzles fun, they are also educational!

I love giving these puzzles as birthday presents, and must say they are always a big hit, as much as with the small children as with the big ones (as well as the parents)!

From 18 months up, and available through the George Luck website, or Amazon (UK or US ).

xxx Esther


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October 15, 2008

i suspect my son would have problems in finishing this one!

October 15, 2008

I’ve seen these before (maybe at your house??!) and they’re so cute! I should order some… but like Michela said- I’m sure my son would need some help!

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