Return to Glory

October 10, 2008

Return to GloryBefore I had kids, I used to keep my nails in pretty good shape with regular manicures and pedicures, and I was also pretty good at keeping up-to-date on my bikini waxing and hair appointments.  This was, of course, not difficult given my flexible schedule.  I didn’t mind sitting in a salon, having my nails done, reading the latest gossip magazine, etc.  But after having kids things changed dramatically.  There was no longer a flexible schedule or time to squeeze in such appointments, and sitting in a salon with your crying baby is certainly not enjoyable!  (I remember, not long after my first baby was born, wondering if I was ever going to look well groomed again!)

Thankfully, this transition happens to the best of us mums.  And thankfully one such London mum, who got tired of not being able to make her beauty appointments, decided to create a business that would bring beauty to the home.  Her company, Return to Glory, offers almost every treatment you can imagine, all in the comfort of your own home (while the baby is napping, or out with a sitter, etc.)!

It’s simple: Just visit the website, choose the service you need, and then enter your address and preferred time.  You can even choose which specialist you would like.  It’s that easy!

Imagine… you can even have your hair blow-dried for a special event, you can have yoga lessons in your living room, and you can even arrange for a couples massage!  Now that is really a ‘return to glory’…


P.S. The service is, at the moment, only available in the U.K.


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October 10, 2008

this is such a great service, I so wish it was available in milan.
I really hope somebody will follow their example!

October 11, 2008

how fabulous!

October 12, 2008

Brilliant! What a brilliant idea…perhaps, I need to bring it to the US!

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