October 3, 2008

KristinWe’ve been thinking about spicing things up a bit… keeping our readers interested… giving them even more info and ideas, etc.  We’ve decided to add a new voice on Babyccino – a guest writer who will add to our conversations, share more stories, and keep us up to speed on another big city.  We wanted someone hip, stylish, fun, smart and well-traveled.  We wanted a New York insider to fill us in on everything her city has to offer!

And… we found her!!  Kristin is a New York City mom who has spent the last 17 years in the fashion business with a long stint as design director for Gap Kids.  She has traveled all over the world for her job, searching for creative inspiration and ideas. She lives in the trendy lower east side of Manhattan with her two-year-old son and her psychotherapist husband (can you imagine how interesting her dinner conversations are??). Kristin is a pro in fashion and style, she’s an expert on what to do and where to go in NYC, and she’ll be sharing her tips with us here on Babyccino.

So… without further ado: We welcome Kristin, who will be our new voice on Babyccino, and our host for this weekend!

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