Le Fournil

le fournilThis past Saturday morning my ? husband treated me, our daughter and my hangover to a lie-in, and took our toddler son out for an early-morning stroll toward one of our neighbourhood treasures: Le Fournil.
Le Fournil is the first original French bakery in the Netherlands, and it is immensely popular. Getting fresh bread on a weekend morning means standing in line here, but it is worth it! The most delicious baguettes, croissants, brioches, madeleines… Yum!

Sébastien, the owner, comes from a family of many generations of bakers located in the Vendée (France). Together with his Dutch wife he owned a bakery in France for over 10 years, but when they were visiting family in the Netherlands the idea of starting a French bakery in Amsterdam slowly took form. An excellent idea, if you ask me!

Thankfully, the promise of a foamy cappucino (babyccino for my daughter, naturalmente), a basket of ultra fresh French bread and a hard-boiled egg made getting up that morning not such a punishment in the end…

xxx Esther


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September 18, 2008

Hi Esther,
What a wonderful tip – how have I missed Le Fournil?!?! I so miss Parisian bread – I’ll be checking out this bakery asap, Merci Beaucoup et Bisous,
The Antiques Diva

September 18, 2008

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