Ultrabib from Bibetta

bibetta2.jpgI know the name may be a bit over the top but these neoprene bibs from Bibetta are really fabulous. Ultrabib seem to be the best of both worlds: plastic and cloth bibs. They are waterproof, stain-proof and retain some shape like the plastic ones yet they are soft and comfortable like the cloth ones.
We got a large one (in lavender) for my daughter and we used it this summer; it worked great and even got many looks of admiration in un-savvy Italy!
I bought ours in Milan at Salina, but you can buy them from Amazon (UK) or directly from their online shop (they ship worldwide for a very reasonable fee).





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September 17, 2008

How clever! Is it machine washable??

September 18, 2008

yes it is!

Ro's Mom
February 23, 2009

How old is your daughter? I’m debating between the small and the large. Do you think the large is too big for a 4-5 month old?

February 23, 2009

My daughter was then 7-8 months when we used the large one.
They are not very wide, but they may be a bit long for a 5 months old. I also suspect the neckline may be a bit too wide.
But when I saw them in the shop the small ones seemed too small.
The one with sleeve would be too big for sure but the sleeveless one could work.
I would go for the larg eone, if it’s too big you’ll use it again in a couple of months!

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