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zoo-ologyThe other day I picked up a book from the bookshop that I am exceptionally happy with: Joëlle Jolivet’s ‘Zoo-ology’. The fact that this book is so extremely large (about 18 x 12 inches, or 46 x 32 cm), and it fits so nicely on the coffee table, is not the only reason why I think it is magnificent.
The animals have been grouped together in a very unconventional way; instead of the normal ‘farm animals’ or ‘wild animals’ themes, Ms. Jolivet groups her animals differently: “Horned”, “At Night”, “Spots and Stripes”, “In Trees”, to name but a few. The resulting assemblies of animals are strikingly beautiful.
It is great fun to point out all the different creatures (about 400!) to my kids, and to teach them (and myself) all their names. It gives some background information too – on the last few pages some interesting facts are given for each animal. Additionally, on each page a chameleon tries to hide himself, and is not always easily found…

I can’t recommend this handsome book enough! Available through Amazon US or UK , also available in German , Dutch et Français

xxx Esther


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September 4, 2008

So cute!
I just ordered it from Amazon!

October 14, 2010

[…] Jolivet, the French graphic designer behind one of my favourite children’s books, Zoo-ology, is really kind of amazing. Just check her website — how wonderful it all looks. It’s […]

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