Toy mirror

mirror.jpgI have to admit this is not really my idea (it’s Esther’s), but one of the best toys to place in your baby’s playpen or cot is a baby mirror.
Babies are intrigued by their image (without knowing it’s their own), so it’s kind of logical to provide them with a mirror to play with.  I didn’t have one when my son was a baby, but as soon as my daughter was born I got her one because I remembered how my son and Esther’s daughter were fascinated by the one in her playpen.
My daughter loves looking at herself in the mirror, pulling it, chewing it, but also looking behind it to see who is hiding in there – it’s so cute!


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1. Courtney | August 25, 2008 | Reply

We received a baby mirror just like this one when my first son was a baby! It was his favorite toy!!
It’s especially great for the 6-9 month range when they spend a lot of time on their belly. But you can also hang it from a cot or playpen, and they can enjoy it standing up as well!