Not a onesie but a three-sie!

August 21, 2008

bibs and matchYou just dressed up your baby in his cutest outfit, ready to go out to visit friends, when he starts screaming like crazy – he must and shall have a banana. Running late already, and trying to organize the nappy bag, snacks, jumpers, drinks, toys etc., you’re too busy to grab a bib, so you sort of throw the banana in his lap hoping that he will stop screaming – and pray for the best.

Not. Clever.

Five minutes later you’re changing your baby, who ended up completely covered in banana. You can’t find his second-cutest clothes — everything seems to be either in the laundry basket (and really too dirty to be pulled out) or has magically disappeared all together. Extremely frustrated with mostly yourself, you’re figuring out how you can blame your husband for all of this misfortune… (Well, honestly – do they EVER pack the nappy bag?)

No more of this, girls! I am totally in love with the concept of ‘bibs & match’. It is basically a super-cute onesie that has a bib attached to it. It snaps on, stays put and looks adorable! I’m actually hoping that my son messes up his bib now, so that I can show off the concept and make another cool combination with the second bib that comes in the set! So clever and smart! I combine my sons’ bibbed onesie with trendy baby jeans and sneakers, and I love it because he looks so cool and grown up, and yet still so baby-ish…

If you have a drooling or messy baby (or know one) and want to get him a ‘bibs & match’ set, make sure to get it on the smaller side, because my 18-month-old son still fits his 12-month size generously, even after a couple of washes!

xxx Esther


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August 22, 2008

Love the idea… but, even more, I love the writing. Thanks for making me laugh on a rainy day. 🙂

August 24, 2008

Now I just need a solution for the banana in my baby’s hair!

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