Natural History Museum

Natural History MuseumIt is a marvel of a museum, a truly beautiful building with extraordinary exhibits. The Natural History Museum here in London first opened its doors in 1881, and his home to some of the most fascinating and rare objects (like the heaviest woolly mammoth tusks ever found and a skeleton of an extinct sea cow)! It is definitely one of my favorite museums in London, especially for kids.

I brought both my boys to the museum last week, and I nearly had tears in my eyes watching my 3-year-old squeal with delight. When he saw that giant life-size model of the blue whale and the other sea creatures he could barely speak. He experienced that same sensation later on when we visited the dinosaurs, but for a different reason: that roaring animatronic T-rex terrified him so much, he was left speechless. But yet he sat there staring in amazement, and didn’t want to leave. So much fun for a little person.

There’s a large mammal exhibit, a ‘blue zone’ of under water life, a ‘green zone’ about the earth’s ecology, a ‘red zone’ about volcanoes and earthquakes, a dinosaur exhibit, and many more galleries.

Like most museums in London, all the galleries are free to enter, except temporary exhibits. The website is very helpful, and even includes a parents’ survivial guide for tips on taking children.



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August 17, 2008

it’s such a great museum! my 3 year old was so impressed by the t-rex!

August 18, 2008

My daughter was super-scared of the T-rex!

August 31, 2008

I would be super-scared by the T-Rex!

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