August 16, 2008

unstuffed-pockaboo.JPGAlmost every time I sit down to breastfeed the telephone rings, and I can almost guarantee that it is lying on the other side of the flat. So I am running around following the ring, and the poor little thing is not really having a very enjoyable time, as running and feeding a newborn are not compatible, at least in my opinion.

This is where I have discovered the nifty little thing called a Pockaboo – a sort of tool belt for new moms. It is made out of 3 pockets in which you can stash all of your little bits and pieces. The pockets are big enough to store small water bottles, mobile phones etc., but also small enough that things cannot get lost at the bottom of the bag. The pockets are attached to a belt, so you can do a multitude of things with it: swing it round your waist, hang it from the back of a chair or a cot, or even when you (eventually) manage to get out, you can hang it from the back of your pram.

Ingenious, I think! Trust two moms to come up with the idea after they realized that there actually is a way out of the chaos of having a baby!

– Emilie

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