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Mrs. Booth

mrs. boothMrs. Booth, based here in England, is a mother and graphic designer who designs cute, educational gifts for children. She specializes in letters (alphabet coloring books, alphabet friezes, stickers, name cards, etc.) and numbers (number cards and a counting activity book) all with the same bright colors and simplicity that children love. I love her alphabet coloring books because they encourage kids to learn their letter recognition and formation. Kids color in the animal or object, but there’s also a place for them to trace the letter (both upper and lower cases). They’re simple and educational, and only cost 5 pounds a pop! Not bad…  Might be good to buy a few and take them with you when traveling, or to restaurants, etc.Visit her online shop for product info and purchasing.



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August 11, 2008

I love Mrs. Booth’s graphics! So simple, and educational! I ordered her new book, playtime primer the other day – can’t wait to get it!
(She will send her things overseas – just send her an email)!

August 11, 2008

I was just looking for a great present idea for my niece.

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