Eco party bags for kids

August 8, 2008

Remarkable ToysFor my son’s birthday party last month I walked to my local party store and hastily grabbed a bunch of little plastic toys and party favors, grabbed a bunch of paper bags, and threw them all together to make 20 different party bags. I’m sure they were a hit with all the kids… but certainly not good for the environment (or for their health, for that matter)!

Next time I am definitely heading to Eco — a shop in Chiswick, London that specializes in everything earth friendly and energy efficient. The shop is the first of its kind to offer domestic solutions for making your home completely green, including eco floor coverings, fabrics, paints and furnishings. They also have a small section devoted to kids’ toys and accessories for healthy, eco-friendly party bags!

First, you choose the party bags themselves, ranging from recycled paper bags to beautiful vintage fabric bags. Then you choose the filling: wooden toys painted in vegetable dies, little books, colored pencils, stamps, little potted plants, and a good range of Remarkable toys (pictured) made from recycled car tires and plastic objects!

Potted PlantPrices start at £2.50 for filled bags, but go up with each additional toy.

They also have the cutest collection of recycled party invitations. I mean so cute, you’d want them regardless of their environmental benefits!

Next time you’re planning a party, you should definitely pay a visit to Eco. You may even find a bit of inspiration for ‘greening’ up other areas of your life….



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August 8, 2008

Cute! I like these slogans – I used to be a juice carton… Makes you think!
I also started to re-use fabrics – I’m not throwing things out, but I’m keeping them for little projects. Like buntings.
Eco-friendly, right?

October 29, 2008

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