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Tool Memories Match gameMy 3-year-old son is finally at the age where he’s really into board games. It’s great because it’s a fun way to engage with him, and we both really enjoy playing with each other (I was getting bored with building train tracks)!

For his birthday last month he was given this cute Tool Memories Match game all about traditional tools. It’s a simple memory game, where you flip all the cards over and try to turn over a match. There are 24 different pairs of tools: hammer, screwdriver, wrench, tool belt, clamp, saws, etc. The illustrations are beautiful, and the little tiles are nice and thick (unbendable).

It’s great because it encourages concentration and memory while teaching kids all about the different tools.

The perfect gift for a little boy, but they also make a version for girls…



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August 4, 2008

My daughter loves memory games and board games. She has the original Memory Game by Milton-Bradley and also has a French one called Jeu de Memoire Justine featuring a little mouse which she also likes. As for board games, she enjoys Hi-Ho Cheery-O which is great for one to one counting skills.

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