Kid-proofed holiday

hotel.jpgSay that you want to go on holiday, that your husband cannot take days off, that you can’t handle all (or one) of your kids by yourself, that you have no nanny to take along, and that you do not want your mum or his mum around.  This is when you should seriously think about Hotel del Bambino in Finale Ligure, on the Italian Riviera.
This small hotel accommodates only families with children and is TOTALLY baby-proofed, most likely more than your own home. It is obviously fully equipped to welcome children of all ages with cots, baby baths, changing tables and all sort of electrical equipment you may need.
But these are just things. What I think makes the difference in this place are the owners: Mr. Gianni and his wife, Sapienza. They truly love children and have devoted a lot of effort and thinking to how they can make your life on holiday with kids easier. Each evening you can pick your menu for the following day, and while it’s not a Michelin starred cuisine, every dish is simple and healthy as everything you’d want to feed your children should be. BUT if your child has particular requirements they will meet them. You can have your child’s food ready to eat at your preferred time, before the grown-ups meal or you can ask for stock and steamed vegetables/meat and prepare the pureed food yourself in the “mums’ kitchen” which is fully equipped with blenders, steamers, microwaves, sterilizers, fridge and gas hobs and is open 24hours a day. So if you are woken up in the middle of the night by a milk needing baby you just do what you’d do at home: get up and go to the kitchen and prepare the bottle!
At meal times there is animation for children over 2, and a babyparking service for those below 12 months. The very same girls are available for babysitting day or night, so if you need a hand on the beach to keep the situation under control you can get help for a few hours. hotel2.jpg
The paved courtyard, very securely gated, is full of trikes, kiddie houses and slides, so no fights should occur as there is plenty for everybody to play with and there is even a small swimming pool. If you tell them in advance they will even reserve one of their pushchairs for you at no extra cost so there’s no need to bring yours.
A paediatrician and a GP are available to visit inside the hotel, and the staff have a very extensive knowledge of allergies.
Finale is quite easily reached with the fast trains that go from Genova to France and you can get a taxi from the station to the hotel. It is a lovely little town, with old narrow streets full of nice cafés and shops, and on the sea promenade you can find many playgrounds, an electrical train and other children’s rides.
Finally, if you are worried you’ll be in hell all by yourself then think again. It’s a very civilized and friendly environment, and due to the small scale of the place there may also be many mums on holiday by themselves. I spent a week there when my first son was 13 months old and I had a very relaxing time. I could focus on him while somebody else took care of his picky taste in food, I didn’t have to pack toys because the hotel had many, and in the evenings once he was finally asleep I had a nice chat with a few other mums.
Hotel del Bambino may not be a luxury resort, but it offers you the luxury of being able to relax even with small children knowing that somebody reliable will share your job.
They still have a few vacancies this summer, so it’s not too late!



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August 3, 2008

This sounds like heaven! And I love the look of the place – it looks like Pipi Longstocking’s house!
Girls, we should all go next summer!!!

August 3, 2008

It sounds too good to be true. And yes, the photo doesn’t even look real. It almost looks like a doll’s house with perfect little accessories…

August 4, 2008

So want to go! It is a really lovely part of Italy, I have just come back from that area!

August 22, 2008

Fun blog! And this place looks amazing for vacationing with the kids. I’ll start planting the seed now so when it’s time to think about going on holiday it’ll be obvious where to go!

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