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Tony’s ChocolonelySince we moved back to the Netherlands, about half a year ago, I’ve noticed these brightly-coloured ‘Tony’s Chocolonely’ chocolate bars around. The wrapping is very garish and in-your-face (cool though), and not at all like the packaging I usually go for in Chocolate Land (meaning matte dark-brown paper, golden accents and names like ‘La Maison du Chocolat’ or ‘Marcolini’ – I’m posh like that :-)). But the fact that my hairdresser, who uses Aveda and makes an effort to be very earth-friendly and chic in general, had Tony’s Chocolonely’s bars on the counter made me decide to try one.

I must say, I was certainly not disappointed! I tried the blue 72% cacao variety and it was beautifully brittle and tasty. By now I was getting curious – what’s the story behind these different-looking chocolate bars with their weird name?
A visit to Tony Chocolonely’s website explained it all, and made me laugh and cry at the same time…

Tony and the chocolate factoryIn 2002 Teun (Tony) van de Keuken, a Dutch TV journalist, came across information suggesting that child slaves were being used on cacao plantations in Ivory Coast. These slaves (mostly boys/young men, sold into slavery from the neighbouring countries of Togo, Benin and Mali) are treated very badly for little food and no money, and unable to leave the plantations. He also discovered that most of the chocolate sold by our own local supermarkets contains cocoa from Ivory Coast.

Because slavery is a crime, and buying something while knowing that a crime was committed in the process of obtaining this good is illegal, Tony, a chocolate lover as many of us, considered himself guilty of buying the products of slavery. After eating 9 bars of chocolate in a single day he decided to surrender himself to the police…

How all this of this ends with Tony producing his own slave-free chocolate bars I’ll let you read for yourself. Make sure you watch the little video too.

If you decide you want to try Tony’s slave-free chocolate (and you’re not in the Netherlands), you FINALLY have an excuse to stock up on chocolate big time: the minimum order is 15 bars!!!

xxx Esther


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July 27, 2008

Well… you know how my husband and I are chocolate snobs… 🙂
But the next time we’re in Amsterdam, we’ll have to give this a go!

July 28, 2008

I LOVE the wrapper its very Willy Wonkerish :o) I’ll have to get some for my hushband who is the chocaholic in our house

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