Baby jeans

LevisToday my son is wearing his sister’s hand-me-down Levis jeans for the first time and he looks so super-cute, I just had to tell you girls about it! They are still slightly too big, so I had to roll the legs up to his knees (he’s 17 months and he’s wearing a size 2) – but that makes him even more adorable.

I’m quite pleased with the quality of these Levis jeans – as I said they’re hand-me-downs, but they still look great. Not like other very-expensive-designer-kids-jeans in which there are holes-in-the-knees after just one month of wearing! (Was it me who told you to get those for your son, Court?)

I got the Levis at Elias & Grace, over a year ago, but it looks like they still sell them (in the girls’ collection 🙂 )…

xxx Esther


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August 21, 2008

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