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Pauli, the football star

pauli1.jpgIn this little Italian seaside town where I’m staying for two weeks, the shops are not great… with one notable exception: a fantastic children’s bookshop. They have loads and loads of nice, less mainstream titles, all very nicely displayed. They also have a great selection of wooden toys.
It’s here that I found out about Brigitte Weninger, a very famous Austrian writer, and her character Pauli – a little rabbit. The latest story is entitled Pauli Football Star and it’s a nice story of how a team of sweet and loyal rabbits participate in a football tournament to win a true leather football.
Of course I bought it immediately for my three-year-old son who, like any Italian male, is getting into the national sport. The book is the right length and has a well balanced combination of cute pictures and words. With my son, pictures are definitely not enough anymore; he now requires more involved stories and explanations, but he still needs pictures to fully grasp and remember the story.
I’ll definitely be looking for more Pauli adventures, but if you are looking to buy them in English you will have to look for Davy!





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July 25, 2008

So cute! I love little bookshops like that, and wooden toys on top of it!

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