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July 18, 2008

peppastickers.jpgSometime the simplest things are best. What has turned out the be the best thing to keep my 2-year-old busy in trains, planes and automobiles? Stickers!! I would never in a million years have thought of it, but my friend Katja handed me a whole book full of Peppa Pig stickers for a car journey recently, and I have never seen a little person spend so much time looking at something –contemplating what to do with it, where exactly to put it, delicately placing it, deciding that it was the wrong place to place it, then take it off and start all over again. You might spend a few minutes after you arrive at your destination un-sticking stickers from windows and chairs, but it will provide hours of fun for your kids, and sanity for the rest of the family!

– Emilie


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July 18, 2008

These Peppa Pig stickers look so cute!
I also like the old-fashioned window stickers bfor in the car…

July 20, 2008

Another thing I just disdcovered to distract a 3yo while traveling is these kids “magazines” they sell at newstands. Here in the UK, BBC does one for CBeebies and then there’s also Peppa Pig, Fifi and I saw one that’s a collection of Nick Jr stuff (so Lazy Town, Dora, etc). Oh, and even Thomas. They are really for older kids but they come with a cheeky, cheap toy that entertains and there are usually stickers and the like…at least in the one I just bought to trial run. Fifi came with a magic wand which has been a huge hit. I plan on stocking up on some for our upcoming transatlantic flight. There are drawing activites and puzzles and things…lots of good dialogue for child and parents but then also good stuff for the toddlers to browse, and feel grown up like mommy and daddy reading a magazine!

July 20, 2008

Amanda, thanks for this tip, I never thought about it, but I know the magazines you’re talking about! My daughter would LOVE a magic wand!

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