The perfect travel outfit

Petit Bateau reversible stripey suitMichela has already raved before about the Petit Bateau reversible striped suit, but I thought it was worth mentioning again because it is my favorite travel outfit for babies (0-24 months).

This all-in-one coverall is cozy enough to be used as pajamas, but cute enough to be worn during the day, outside of the house. It’s also reversible, so if a 3-hour drive leaves your baby looking like he hasn’t been washed in years, a quick switch-up of the outfit will reveal a new (clean) stripy side. How convenient!

If we have an early morning flight, I dress my baby in this outfit the night before so I don’t even have to change him in the morning, and voilà — he’s ready to go. I wish they made them in my size…



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July 14, 2008

how comfy cozy!

July 14, 2008

I LOVE these outfits for traveling – I have them in all the sizes! It’s a good time a year to get them (sale) – still not cheap, but Petit Bateau quality is fantastic; they last, and last, and last…

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