Feet eating Crocs

crocs.jpg Now that summer has arrived, my son is living in his Crocs, and given their planetary success, there is a chance your son or daughter may be doing the same. They have loads of good qualities and until recently their only fault may have been an aesthetic one (although I really do love them on kids).
Unfortunately there are now some concerns being raised because of the high number of incidents happening to kids wearing Crocs while riding escalators (the UK elevators). The soft sole, may get entrapped in the moving parts of the escalators and seriously injure feet.
Now don’t throw away those colourful shoes, just be careful when your kids are riding elevators (with any soft sole shoes for that matters).
Hare are a couple of suggestions from the CSPC and the Washington Metro:

  • Step over the comb plate. Always pick up your feet and step carefully on or off the escalator. Never drag or slide your feet off the edge of the escalator.
  • Stay clear of moving parts. Keep your hands, feet and clothing clear of the side panels of the escalator. Remember: loose shoe laces, rubber boots and baggy clothes can get caught in the moving parts of the escalator. Make sure you have no dangling clothing or loose shoelaces that could get caught.
  • Always hold children’s hands on escalators and do not permit children to sit or play on the steps.

Enjoy a safe summer!



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July 7, 2008

My daughter loves her Crocs too. However, many schools here in the US (including hers) do not allow Crocs as they claim the tread is not safe for the playground as it causes kids to slip.

July 7, 2008

Another word of caution

I was going down a plastic slide at the playground holding my daughter in my lap and my croc gripped the side of the slide and we kept going and my ankle twisted.

I heard from a friend that if you hold children in your lap and go down the slide and the child’s shoe catches and your weight carries you on down the slide the child’s leg can actually be broken so if you hold a child in your lap and go down the slide be careful that the child’s foot is not in contact with the slide, especially if they have on crocs or sneakers.

July 8, 2008

My one-year-old can not spend a single awake moment of his day without his beloved crocs. It’s ridiculous! I think it’s because he loves that he can take them off and put them on by himself.
And even though they’re not the most glamorous of shoes, they are pretty darn convenient… especially for beachy summer outings.

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