Bonpoint Restaurant

bonpoint.jpgSince I have been living in Paris, Courtney has been nagging me to visit one of her favourite shops, Bonpoint. I have always resisted… too far to go I have been saying and just not my style! But a couple of days ago I got my act together, got on a bus, crossed the river and visited the legendary shop. It is quite incredible to visit, even if you don’t buy anything. There are rooms after rooms of exquisite (if expensive) children’s clothing from newborn to teenager.
BUT I am digressing as I actually went to Bonpoint to check out the restaurant in the basement; I have been desperate to write a review about a kid-friendly restaurant with charm. In true French style it is a good restaurant that happens to accommodate kids, as opposed to a restaurant catering to kids to which grown-ups can also go. But for that, it is exactly what you need.

The food is fantastic with Italian influences, and the environment beautiful. And, at the same time, they have highchairs and books etc. to entertain the kids. The big plus is the stunning terrace at the back of the shop in a shady courtyard (a rare thing in central Paris). Kids can get up and play, and their parents can enjoy their food and drink!
Not much to complain about that setup…..

– Emilie


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