My friend, Sally, is the kind of person who has a home that always looks tidy, and it is rare that you see any toys outside of her kids’ rooms. So when I discovered these beautiful wooden toys by Fagus on the floor of her kitchen, I just knew there must be something special about them!

Fagus wooden toys

And indeed there is! First, the Fagus wooden vehicles are made in a handicap workshop in Germany with the aim of providing handicapped people with meaningful work. Second, each toy is handmade using solid beech wood and is made without the use of nails, screws or staples. And third, the toys actually move and work like the real thing, making them a super fun (and educational) toy!

I am totally sold! No wonder it is Germany’s number one brand of wooden toys…

You can buy them on-line from Amazon UK , or you can visit my favorite toy shop here in London, Traditional Toys.



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October 21, 2008

In you can find fagus products too. They are lovely. Hope you like our product range.

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