Cinema Festival

cinemome.jpgAs a hardened Cinemaphile (does that word exist?) I am really looking forward to the annual Paris Cinema Festival which starts on the 1st of July. Within that framework there is a great little mini film festival going on, just for kids.

There will be screenings of new films like Kung Fu Panda, screening of films for little kids from the age of 3 onwards, and cinema workshops for older kids. The workshops look like so much fun — the kids get to remix the sound for a whole film and other cool things like that (the workshops are from 7 years onward).

Also on the programme are screenings of classic films like the Jungle Book, which I am esp. excited to see as it is the first film I remember ever seeing in a cinema! I can’t wait to take my daughter to see it — what a trip down memory lane. After all you can’t beat seeing a movie on a cinema screen as opposed to the TV….

– Emilie


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June 27, 2008

Ohh… The Jungle Book!
I used to dress my three brothers up and make them each be a character from the Jungle Book and we would put on plays for our parents!

June 30, 2008

Sounds like fun and what a great excuse to go to the cinema and watch Jungle Book all over again!

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