Spin Art

spinart1.jpgI was trawling the internet the other day for fun things to do on a rainy day (I am preparing myself for a cold summer so that I don’t get disappointed). I found this on the Artful Parent Blog and I loved it.

Basically all you do is stick a paper plate into a salad spinner, blob on some paint in 2 or 3 different colours and spin the spinner. Forget about the kids, it keeps me busy for hours on end.

Thanks to Jean Van Hul from Artful Parent for the tip!



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June 19, 2008

How fun! It’s another crafty project I have never heard of… and so simple!
Wait, shoot — I don’t have a salad spinner!!

June 30, 2008

Brilliant. Where do I get those paper plates? Does the paint easily wash out of the salad spinner??

June 30, 2008

I think the paper plates are the ones for any old party. The paints comes off really easily. I used the non toxic, easy to wash off variety!

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