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emilie.jpgSurprise, surprise: due to my name, as a little girl, I was given the Emilie books by Domitille de Pressensé. Emilie wears a red bonnet, a red dress, has a hedgehog (as you do) and lives with her family in a little house in the woods. The stories are simple and they enchanted me. Out of nostalgia I tried to find the the books for my daughter but they had been long taken out of print.

There now seems to be a bit of a retro revival in France regarding children’s books and a few of the Emilie books are back in print. Unfortunately they have not been translated, but for those of you who read French, I highly recommend them!



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June 18, 2008

That’s so cute! Wish I spoke French…

Micodino Tsang
January 31, 2010

I bought total 12 of Emilie books by Domitille de Pressensé for my daughter, Alicia. She love Emilie so much. Those books are great, good for kid, simple picture, simple family and lovely story…. Domitille de Pressensé is the best! I am looking forward to see her other Emilie book… Cheers!!!

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