Blue Planet

Blue Planet DVDIf you haven’t yet seen the under-water documentary, Blue Planet, I can’t stress enough how much you should! It is seriously extraordinary. Both the remarkable footage and the eloquent narration by David Attenborough make this nature series truly fascinating!

This BBC documentary series, consisting of eight 50-minute programs, reveals ocean life and behavior that has never been captured before. From the depth of the ocean to the shores, covering the entire planet from pole to pole, you can watch sea creatures you didn’t even know existed… including a scary deep-sea fangtooth and a giant-mouthed gulper eel! You can also sea an Orca whale capture and kill a seal pup.

It is both fascinating and heartbreaking; I’m quite certain I cried and laughed in almost every chapter. So… too scary for kids you might think, but NO! My 3-year-old son is totally obsessed! He sits there watching so intently for as long as I leave him. It is all he talks about at the moment.

Not bad, right? It’s true educational television. And when he becomes bored with this, we can switch to the sister series, Planet Earth , for an in-depth look at life out of the water…

– Courtney


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June 13, 2008

We love these two and have both boxed sets. I haven’t shown them to the kids yet, but perhaps it’s time.

June 22, 2008

We love both series in our house. The funniest thing is.. both our cats love it too! They watch the TV transfixed whenever it’s on, for an entire episode.. The down side of this is that the kids end up watching the cats instead of the programme! !

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