moltex.jpgI do like to be as environmentally conscious as possible, so I feel guilty using disposable nappies… but I could never get my head around how to use the reusable ones.

This is how I came across the Moltex nappies as a compromise. They are made out of unbleached cellulose, and the core of the nappy is chlorine free. They use an absorbent gel to absorb the pee as they realized that without it the usage of the nappy was 5 fold, so actually created a huge amount of waste.

For me the Moltex work as well as any other nappy and are not that much more expensive! They also allow me to sleep with a bit of a clearer conscience…..

– Emilie


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Sara from Bruxelles
December 2, 2008

Just now seeing this but thought I’d add a comment anyway. I have only used these nappies so far and love them! We’re going to try and move to cloth…eventually, but for now, we use these and also feel better about not making loads of waste. :0)

November 20, 2009

Where can I buy the Moltex nappies?

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