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Natural Mat MattressesWhen I was pregnant with our first baby, we were given a hand-me-down cot from some friends of ours. The cot was decent (enough) looking and small enough to fit into our tiny flat so we kept it. That tiny flat, however, happened to be right around the corner from a lovely little baby bedding store called Natural Mat which sells the most beautiful cots and natural mattresses. It was almost a shame that we were given a hand-me-down cot, because it made it really difficult to convince my husband that we needed one of those mattresses!

I never got one of those natural mattresses, but If I could do it all over again, I definitely would! The handmade mattresses from Natural Mat are 100% natural and non allergenic, breathable, naturally fire-retardant, and totally biodegradable! You can read the many advantages here. They come in all different shapes and sizes, but you can even have one custom-made for you if you have specific requests.

While I never bought a mattress from them, I did manage to do my fair share of browsing and shopping from the many other beautiful items they sell. Like the Danish Flensted mobiles, the cute organic baby clothes, and the coolest range of nursery furniture (including the Netto Collection)!

The shop is tucked away on a quiet street in Notting Hill, and is definitely worth a visit. But, if you don’t live in London, you can shop online from their website.

A mattress that is biodegradable?? How cool is that?!



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June 11, 2008

Thanks so much for posting about them! We got our mattress and cot there (LionWitchWardrobe — before they stocked the Netto Collection) and love their cashmere sweaters for newborn gifts.

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