I love it…

stove3.jpg…… but she doesn’t!

I am so sad! I found the ideal present for our 2-year-old (or so I thought!): The Moulin Roty antique kitchen. It looks so lovely and I thought it would look fabulous in her room. It is made out of wood and is so simple. But… the girl was having none of it. The moment we arrived at the toy store and she was told that we were thinking of buying her a kitchen she ran towards a florescent green, pink and yellow monstrosity and could not be convinced that she would really and honestly prefer sleek natural wood, with pretty accessories.
I realized that unfortunately 2-year-olds and I have a very different perception of what would be fun to play with. For now I have built her a cooker out of a cardboard box which she loves. I will see in a couple years if she will be more partial to neutral colours and will have learned the importance of minimalism in contrast to fluorescents. I’m keeping my fingers crossed…



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June 11, 2008

🙂 I had a very similar reaction to a cute, wooden kitchen that i bought for my, then, 3 year old. it collected dust until last year when i moved it next to my kitchen and now she and my 1.5 year old cook whilst i cook. whew…thought i might have to give it away…

October 20, 2008

oh i’m happy! i have work 2 years for moulin-roty. it’s a wonderfull experience. excuse-me for my horrible english.

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