Trolley Dolly

Trolley Dolly

Sometimes someone comes up with a new concept that feels so logical and natural that it’s hard to imagine you ever lived without it…
This is how I felt yesterday when I first went grocery shopping with the Trolley Dolly. Invented by the clever Zoe of ZPM (Courtney wrote about her smart weekender bags before), the Trolley Dolly is basically a little bag holding loads of super strong and lightweight, nylon shopping bags. The purpose of this bag is solely to reduce the amount of plastic bags in the grocery shopping system, and thus on earth.

Now, I already really wanted to make the effort of reducing the amount of plastic bags; I have a whole lot of canvas bags at home especially for this purpose (this proves it)! The problem however was, that half of the time I forgot to take my ‘green’ bags to the supermarket – or I didn’t take enough and still ended up getting the plastic bags. Which in the Netherlands is extra painful since they make you pay for them! (A very good incentive to bring your own bags if you think of it, and especially here in the Netherlands, where people are so careful about spending money – and I’m putting it nicely).

So, the Trolley Dolly should be the solution. It is invented with the idea to replace your handbag to the supermarket – it has a pocket for your phone, wallet, keys and loyalty cards. It’s small but still has 14 carrier bags and 10 fruit&veg net-bags in it– all lightweight and super strong. You can attach it to the handle of your trolley, so you don’t end up with bags in the bottom of your trolley and all the groceries piled on top.

And I must say, it all works, and I looked really cool at the till with all my coloured shopping bags!
If only it would come with a strong guy to help me carry all these bags & babies to the car…

xxx Esther


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