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Lego Primo stackAs an architect, I can’t encourage my children enough to play with construction toys. From a very early age on (like, newborn) I’ve surrounded them with LEGO — one can never be too young to learn about the art of building!
A fantastic line of blocks for babies, made by the famous toy building-brick company LEGO, is called PRIMO. PRIMO blocks are big – too big to swallow. They are easy to hold, and stacking is super easy as the knobs are blown up to the size of a walnut (eight times the size of the regular LEGO bricks). The colours are bright and some blocks come in cute shapes like bees and ladybugs (these blocks rattle as well).

Lego Primo trainA great amount of additional toys have been made in the PRIMO range, like human figures, animals, a choo-choo-train, a bendy caterpillar, stacking toys, a music box and even books — all compatible with the blocks. It’s a really fun way for little ones to develop their hand-eye coordination while learning the basics of LEGO construction (I’m waiting for them to start building me the Chrysler Building)!

lego Primo caterpillar yellowNow, where can you get those PRIMO blocks, you might wonder… Because I’ve been surfing a bit, and it looks like LEGO took the PRIMO range out of production!
What I did some years ago (out of an economical and environmental-friendly point of view) was buy a whole lot on Ebay. I just checked and you can still find them! They are cheap, and since these toys are indestructible, they will still look great. I just put them in the dishwasher for a cycle and they looked like new,  and I heard putting them in a pillow case in the washing machine works just as well!  And think about it: the ultimate ‘green’ toy is still the second hand toy!!

xxx Esther




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June 4, 2008

I’m an architect too, and i love LEGO!!!
When i was a child, I played with them every day, and i remember how it was funny …they stimulate the imagination, and they are “evergreen”!!!


June 4, 2008

We copied Esther and bought a whole bunch from Ebay as well. And then we did the same and stuck them all in the dishwasher!
My boys LOVE them. They’re a huge hit!
And I love that they’re second-hand toys!

June 4, 2008

It’s so much fun to just look at what kids can build with legos. Their immagination is free and borderless!

June 4, 2008

In the US, we have Mega Blocks. We love them in our household. The only hard part is cleaning up so I invented the rainbow clean up game where we clean up one color at a time in the order of the rainbow. Silly, but effective.

June 5, 2008

I was in a child friendly cafe yesterday in London and they had them laying around. My daughter went crazy for them and I was wondering where to buy them… now I know!!!

June 5, 2008

We also have mega blocks, not as cute and poetic as lego… but they works fine!

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