Moleskine city notebooks

Moleskine city notebook: LondonIf you’re a frequent traveler, I’m sure your bookshelves are loaded with city guides of every sort. If you’re like me, you’ll have a few different books for every city: some that are better for hotels and restaurants, some that are strictly for shopping, and others with really good maps.

The one thing missing from these guide books? A place to jot down your stories, great finds, favorite restaurants, and memories so that you can remember them for the next time you visit! The new Moleskine City Notebooks act as your personal scrapbook, city guide, planner and map all in one! And because they’ll keep track of your favorite finds, it will probably become the most valuable guide book you’ll have!

Each notebook is complete with 36 pages of zone maps, and useful tabs to keep track of hotels, shops and attractions. They also include translucent pages that overlay the maps so you can mark your favorite points and trace your routes as you go.

They’re currently available in 22 different cities… like London, Paris, Amsterdam and Milan (four great cities certainly worth a visit)! 🙂



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June 2, 2008

I love Moleskine anyway just to note stuff down. These sound great!

June 3, 2008

I love Moleskine too. I have been using a Moleskine diary for a few years now and I’ll keep using them for the foreseable future (I need to see things on paper, PDAs are not my cup of tea.. yet). Also the whole story behind the Moleskine notebooks is so fascinating, these may not be the original ones anymore… but they still remind me of travel, adventures, writers and artists!

June 3, 2008

I llove moleskine, for writing, drawing, sketching up projects and what i see in a prticular moment…
I think that i ‘m going to buy moleskine-london…since i’m going to live in Manchester from Tuscany,next Jenauary…


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