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notsobig.jpgTucked behind the Les Halles here in Paris, close to the lovely quartier around the rue de Montorgueil lies the kid shop treasure trove called Not So Big. It started out as a children’s concept store but quickly started to develop its own beautiful line, now available throughout France and Japan.

Why is it such a find? They stock a huge amount of the items the girls and I have reviewed… Courtney’s favourite Petits Démons toys? Check! My favourite Coco Boheme bedroom stickers? Check! Esther’s favourite rocking horse? Check!

It is a one-stop shop for special little finds, and you can order all the items on their website.

– Emilie


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June 1, 2008

‘Not So Big’ does great clothes too – their bodies are very cute. Hmmm … yes I might have to go and check out those Petits Démons amongst other things. Sounds dangerous!

June 24, 2008

Another tiny but lovely shop I love in Paris is Lilli Bulle. Do you know it?
They have fantastic brands (I won’t name any because they are all great and they have many). This shop is about everything I like, the owner is passionate about what she does, the way she chooses the pieces she sells in the shop and her advice are always precious. When in Paris (I live in London) I like going there with my daughter (who is 4) and she would pick one piece of clothing and I know she will wear it all the season. Last time she picked a red dress with big white stars, the matching scarf, a pair of beige leggings and a pair of Trippen sandals and I have never regretted the investment, this could be the only thing she has in her wardrobe for all summer! They also have great things for boys (I love the T-shirts by Gaspard de La Butte and Maison Georgette)… I am not talking about the bags and accessories because my comment would then be too long!

Lilli Bulle can be found 3 rue de la Forge Royale 75011 Paris.

They also have an online boutique (and a blog). The online shop is great too (obviously!), payment is by Paypal and delivery is fast and the packet comes well wrapped.

Just thinking I may add that I have no personal interest or link with Lilli Bulle, I just like it and think people running small shops with their heart and soul should be supported!

Hope you like it as much as I do!

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