Good Tone

dress.jpgBonton (literal translation: good tone) is fast becoming one of my favourite fashion labels for babies and kids. You know when you want something a bit special for your kids and are willing to spend that little bit more? Then Bonton is the place to go. The colour palate is lovely and the clothes are very French without being over the top.

I have especially fallen for the Bonton furniture line; they have lovely classic French highchairs and great baby room soft furnishing such as sleeping bags, duvets, and crib bumpers.

You can order Bonton internationally over their website and can check out the site for shops that stock their items all over the world, but if you ever happen to be in Paris and enjoy shopping, the boutiques are well worth a visit!



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May 23, 2008

I love this brand – I get some cute pieces whenever I am in London (Elias&Grace sells it too)! I haven’t found a retailer in Amsterdam yet…

May 23, 2008

I LOVE, love, love Bonton! Their onesies and basics are the best! I love their simple cotton basics as well as their little summer shorts for boys and babies. So stinken’ cute!!!

Emilie also took me into one of their boutiques in Paris, and it was beautiful!! It is definitely a ‘must-go’ place in Paris.

May 24, 2008

Not sure if you know the connection, but Bonton started off as Bonpoint’s “lesser” line. Similar to the way Mui Mui is for Prada. Bonpoint means good taste, good quality, so Bonton meaning good tone falls right in line with their branding. When Bonpoint went public about 5 years ago, they kept Bonton out of the deal, so it is still privately owned by their son and his wife, who now run it. That family is truly talented. The Bonton furniture store is simply amazing!

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