Lullabies and Wildflowers

Melissa Errico: Lullabies and Wildflowers The last time I opened up a new CD and plopped it into the machine was probably 3 years ago before my first son was born (around the time I watched my last film)! These days I just don’t have time to think about new music or films, and we just always listen to a syndicated version of NPR radio from our computer. There you go, I’ve just shown all my cards: I’m indeed as nerdy as I believed my own mother to be when I was a teenager! Darn!

So imagine my delight when I received Melissa Errico’s new album, Lullabies and Wildflowers , in the post. I tore into it like I once did a Nirvana album, and plopped it into my computer with the same enthusiasm. And I’ve just listened to it on repeat for the past two hours…

Lullabies & Wildflowers is Melissa Errico‘s newest creation, which comes shortly after the birth of her first child.  Errico wanted to assemble an eclectic group of songs that reflects the exhilaration, exhaustion, surrender, and connection that a new mother feels, from the first moment of revelation through the many late nights of rocking and nursing her child. The album includes several traditional children’s melodies (like ‘Mockingbird’ and ‘Rockabye Baby’) as well as songs drawn from contemporary composers like Lennon/McCartney, Tom Petty, Judy Collins and The Gershwins.

It’s lovely because it’s soothing (think bedtime) without being too ‘kiddie’. I’m not really sure if it’s meant for mums or for babies, but it’s great because it works for both! It is the perfect gift for a new mum!

I’m really enjoying it, and I don’t even have a new baby!


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1. Shawn | May 20, 2008 | Reply

I saw her sing the National Anthem at a tennis tournament recently. She is married to Patrick McEnroe (John’s brother). She has a lovely voice…will have to find it.