Transport for tots

cocoon.jpgI know Courtney and Esther have both sung its praises… I am talking about the Phil and Teds double stroller — a sort of stroller equivalent to a skyscraper, cleverly designed to get as many kids comfortably into as small a space as possible.

Now that my kid ratio has doubled to two, I also have a Phil & Teds, and proudly cart it around Paris. My favourite part of the buggy is the Cocoon — a sort of sports bag you put your baby into so that you can easily lift the baby out of the buggy and carry her around without waking her up.

Because it’s impossible to fit buggies into most flats here in Paris, struggling with a baby, a toddler and a few bags of shopping is power for the course. For this reason I have found the cocoon a godsend! I’ve even started sticking the cocoon into my other pram as it fits perfectly!



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May 12, 2008

That cocoon is indeed FANTASTIC. I used it so much! I admit, on first sight it looks a bit odd, a baby in a sports bag, but it is seriously super-handy!

May 13, 2008

I think it’s brilliant! I could not get the P&T because it does not fit in the lift… but I got a sort of cocoon to use with our double pushchair. It was great for the winter. My daughter was always cosy and warm.

May 13, 2008

I remember going out to dinner with Esther and her husband a few weeks after their son was born. They showed up to dinner carrying what looked like a gym bag. They plopped the bag on the table, and sure enough a baby was inside! 🙂 It was brilliant– their baby slept the entire time in that little Cocoon!

It’s funny because my son just didn’t like being in the Cocoon! I never really found the Phil&Teds buggy that useful until both my boys were sitting in it! Now I can’t go anywhere without it!

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