Ikea choo-choo train

Ikea Train SetI have three younger brothers, so you can imagine the amount of ‘boy’ toys that cluttered our house when we were younger. We had (and my parents still have) huge containers filled with Legos, Playmobile, and Brio trains.

I suppose I was well-prepared to be the mother of two boys…. they like tractors, cars, planes, helicopters, diggers, trains… I get it.

When my first son turned one, I figured it was time to get him his own wooden train set. I headed straight for the Brio section at my local toy store… but I was so disappointed to see that the trains are different than they used to be: bigger, clunkier and the colours are more primary. Definitely not as cute as the ‘vintage’ Brio trains my brothers had.

Enter: the Ikea wooden train set!

The trains are small (they actually fit under the tunnels), the colours are cute, and the tracks seem to fit together more easily than the Brio tracks. Like Brio, you can buy extra tracks, bridges, tunnels and trains. But unlike Brio, they’re cheap!

We have a whole bin filled with the Ikea trains and track, and every day in our house a new track is built. Oh how my boys love their ‘choo-choo trains’!


P.S. The Ikea tracks do fit the Brio ones, and the Thomas trains fit as well! So you can do what we’ve done and mix them all up!


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May 6, 2008

I have loved the IKEA train tracks from the moment I saw them and although I have a daughter she will be getting a set or 2 or 3 when she is a bit older!

May 6, 2008

I so reminds me of the one we had when we were kids. My list of things to get at Ikea is getting longer and longer….

May 6, 2008

we love it too…. we need to go back and buy more tracks!

May 7, 2008

we LOVE ours but I need to buy some more tracks to add on next time we pop into ikea!

May 7, 2008

my son and his cousin spent hours this weekend with an ikea track their grand dad bought; even managed to use all the pieces for the track! loving the brio revelution!

May 7, 2008

I am going shopping online when I get home from work tonight! My son is turning one next month and we have been wanting to get him a train set. He loves all trucks and cars so I am sure he will love this train set and he doesn’t have to know that its cheap:) Thanks for the idea!

May 9, 2008

This is so funny! I bought my daughter (yay for equality!) the Ikea train a few weeks ago and it so reminds me of my brother’s Brio …

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