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April 25, 2008

Oliver Jeffers at Illustraion CupboardThe other day I learned about The Illustration Cupboard — a gallery here in London specializing in the exhibition and sale of contemporary book illustration artwork. And then I learned about the current exhibition: Booktrust’s top 10 best new Illustrators. And finally, I learned that the very talented Oliver Jeffers is (of course) one of the top 10 illustrators.

Brilliant! I had to see it. (You know how I’m obsessed with Oliver Jeffers). So I gathered up my troops (even my very interested husband) and paid a little visit.

It’s really cool, especially if you’re familiar with the illustrators and their books: Alexis Deacon and original artwork from Slow Loris , Polly Dunbar and artwork from Penguin , Catherine Rayner and artwork from Augustus and His Smile , Oliver Jeffers with artwork from The Incredible Book Eating Boy , and others.

The Best New Illustrators exhibition runs until May 3rd. And from May 5-10 there will be an exhibition devoted entirely to Oliver Jeffer’s original artwork, with a book signing on May 10th at 3:00 pm. I’m so there! 🙂

Admission is free, appointments aren’t necessary, and kids are welcomed!


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April 25, 2008

Great idea for a group blog. Someone at the private view of this exhibition told me about google alert and I found your blog!
There are photos of Oliver Jeffers receiving his award on a link from my blog post

I didn’t know about his book signing – thanks!

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