Call me crazy…

rexona cotton dryI’ve been using the same deodorant for years and years now: Rexona Cotton Dry – the spray. In fact, my husband has been using it too, for as long as we’ve been together! When we moved to the UK (where Rexona is called ‘Sure’), he was shocked to find out that – unlike the Dutch version – there it states “for women’ on the can! 🙂

We are so convinced about this deodorant, that when we were living in the States for three years and were unable to buy it there, we had family and friends visiting from the Netherlands bring over spray cans of Rexona Cotton Dry! Insane, I know, but honestly, it’s my absolute preferred deodorant, both smell and performance-wise!

xxx Esther


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April 14, 2008

If you’re crazy, then we are, too. We’ve been in the Netherlands for a year and a half and are still using our favorite American deoderant. We try to stock up whenever we go back or whenever we have visitors willing to act as deoderant “mules” for us. When it comes to deoderant (and feminine hygience products), go with what you know!

April 14, 2008

this sounds like a cheap treat to me… i’ll give it a go!
I always pick deodorants that are discontinued a few months after I havechosen them….

April 14, 2008

I use this when I stay with Esther and I LOVE it! I had never used a spray before (i don’t think they’re very American), but I love this one! I’m going to order some ‘Sure’ from Ocado on my next order! 🙂
Esther is right- the smell is soooo good!

Johanna Guðmundsdottir
April 24, 2008

I’t is my favorite too. I got hooked when I lived in Denmark and I always by a lot of them when I visit – Rexona is the best 🙂

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