Cheap treats

April 11, 2008

fructis2.jpgWhen it comes to beauty products, sometimes it is really worth spending a lot of money. Sometimes it’s perfectly justifiable, and other times it just feels nice to buy something special for yourself — something that will pamper us, make us look better, preserve our beauty!
But every once in a while, we all run into products that are truly special despite their low price and mass-market production. It’s at that stage that you experience another feeling — the smugness of having recognised a truly effective product in the midst of an impersonal and cold supermarket aisle, without any aid from a well-trained shop assistant.
The next step is telling your good friends about your find; sharing your discoveries is part of the whole experience.
This has happened to me a few times, and I’m going to tell you about them…
My first “cheap treat” is the Sleek and Shine Serum in the Fructis line by Garnier. It’s a leave-in serum that reduces frizz and adds shine. It works better than any other similar product I have tried (and believe me, with my obsession with the ‘straight’ look, I have tried many). Now in spite of globalisation, the marketing strategy of Fructis is a bit puzzling: it isn’t sold in Italy, it has been discontinued in the UK, but you can find it in the US and Canada. I still have a few bottles in stock (and they last for ages), but I do not know what I’ll do when they finish. dermophil.jpg
celli.jpgAnother great find is Dermophil Indian Formula Hand Cream, that I bought in Paris in a Monoprix super-market a few years ago. It’s great for dry hands without being oily. Whenever I’m in Paris I always stock up!
My last suggestion is L’Oreal Perfect Slim body cream — a slimming and toning cream. We all know that to get rid of cellulite miracles are needed, BUT this cream improves skin appearance and texture much better than other more expensive creams.

Now, do you have any “cheap treat” you want to tell us about?



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April 11, 2008

Oh I wish Monoprix was around the corner – I need new handcream desperately!!
My ‘cheap treats’ that I can think of are:
I really like the Garnier Bodycocoon Moisturizer (it’s body lotion – how do they come up with those silly names?), and I’ve been using the Boots cucumber wipes for years. I once gave a package to Courtney and I hear her husband is a fan now :-).
I would be interested if anyone knows a good shampoo…

April 13, 2008

I think they still stock Fructis in the Netherlands….

April 14, 2008

April 14, 2008

No-ad sun creams. I know they are sold in the UK, the Netherlands and I think also in Italy: cheap, effective and not oily, so also ideal on your face. Cheap because they do not do advertising (hence the name).

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