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April 10, 2008

Children are sometimes very naughty (Imp)… sometimes very sweet (Elf)… but mostly (unfortunately for us, poor parents) both at the same time: Imps & Elfs!

I just had to tell you about Imps & Elfs — one of the coolest kid’s clothing brands around! And it happens to be Dutch, like so many other cool things! 🙂

Imps visionairThe philosophy behind the brand is ‘a child should be a child’. And this philosophy is present in every aspect of the clothing line.
I think what is so cool about Imps & Elfs is that their clothing is designed to be fitted, concentrating on the shape of the child’s body. That hollow back, that big belly with those tiny shoulders and that short neck… – isn’t that just what makes little children so adorable? At Imps & Elfs, they try to accentuate these features instead of hiding them in over-sized or bad-fitting clothes. And they make THE coolest skinny jeans – you should see Courtney’s little boy in them, big belly and all – adorable!
All clothes are no-nonsense, with no frills and fancies – nothing should take away from the emphasis on the child: hello, you’re looking at a KID – not an outfit! They do however tend to use secret pockets or clever slogans…

Imps&ElfsPart of the philosophy is also that the colours used are different, especially for babies. The designers at Imps & Elfs prefer to use darker colours instead of traditional pastels; babies are already sort of pale by themselves they find, and darker colours just give more of a contrast! So, more emphasis on the child, again… And I must say I’ve had some raving thank-you-notes on the Imps & Elfs baby outfits that I have sent my friends abroad – in black, dark brown or dark grey!
Speaking of which – I just gave my cousin this cool outfit for her baby boy. Isn’t it clever, how that zipper opens all the way? Finally somebody who pities us poor parents, having to fasten a gazillion little buttons in between those tiny little legs! A zipper – of course!
And last but not least: not only are all clothes cool, trendy and practical, but they are also designed to be comfortable, so the child can move freely.

Did you think I was finished? Noooo…
The philosophy behind the brand goes further than that! In China or India, a child should be a child as well! So Imps & Elfs is working on a 100% child labour-free production, using only organically grown cottons and fair-trade material.

Are you convinced now? Then, if you’re in the neighbourhood, you just HAVE to stop by the flagship store here in South Amsterdam (Sloterkade 41-44)! It is as cool as the clothes! And the staff is super kind – I feel like I have made some friends there!

But, if you’re not going to be around for a while :-(, you can try to find a shop near you by using the store locator on the website, or you can find a good part of their collection online, like here, or here, or, for babies, here… Enjoy!

xxx Esther


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April 10, 2008

I know very well IMPS&ELFS. Its quality and its concept are fantastic!!!

April 10, 2008

I love Imps & Elfs, Eshter made me discover it last summer!!

April 10, 2008

When I met Esther, she said to me… “there’s this really good Dutch brand called Imps & Elfs…” And I, of course, was already a HUGE fan!! Further proof of my ‘Dutch-ness”.
I LOVE Imps & Elfs. Their colors are the best — dark greys, muted navy, smoky purples.
And it’s true… those skinny jeans on my son are so stinken’ cute. He looks like a washed-up rock star with a beer gut! 🙂
ha ha…

March 5, 2010

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