Never too early to get some culture


The longer I am in Paris the more I realize that it does actually have a lot to offer kids. It is not an outdoor paradise, but if it is culture you are after, even for 2-year-olds, there is a surprising amount around.

I have just recently discovered the children’s theatre scene. A friend of mine organised an outing for a group of kids to see Goldie Locks at a little children’s theatre around the corner from us called l’Atelier de la Bonne Graine and they all loved it. After that, I started looking at the kids section in the weekly Pariscope. I realised that these little theatres are all over the place and do really good shows for little people.
Especially with the spring that we are having (rumour has it that this is the worst weather in the last 40 years), it has been great to find a fun indoor activity!



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April 5, 2008

My mom used to take all five of us to the children’s theater in Seattle at least every month. We LOVED it!
Can you imagine taking FIVE kids to the theatre? Especially three boys?
Anyway, how fun that you and your daughter are being so cultural!

April 5, 2008

P.S. This weather is crap! I’m moving to California, so help me God!

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