Schleich dinos

We have friends in London who are both originally from Africa. They have an extensive collection of wild Schleich animals that they collected for their kids in the eighties. They are grandparents now, and whenever their grandson visits from the States they bring out their Schleich collection and he loves it!

Schleich animals are absolutely beautifully made and are a great investment because your children will play with them over and over again, up until they are teenagers!
Unfortunately they don’t come cheap… But isn’t there something great about starting a collection? You can tell grandparents and friends that your child is collecting a Zoo or a complete farm, and voila — before long they will be bringing great animals instead of candy, and the basis for a valuable collection is made!

What I think is special about the Schleich animals (compared to the ‘made in China’ knock-offs) is that they really take great effort in making realistic and naturalistic animals. For instance, the African elephant looks very different to the Indian elephant. The range of animals is amazing, there is even a sea animal range!
Another cool thing is that most animals come in families (the male, female and offspring). My daughter loves that.

And don’t you think the dinosaur collection is cool?

xxx Esther


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April 1, 2008

Esther has a big basket of these in her house, and truly those animals make my basket of fake, plastic ‘knock-offs’ look pathetic!
The Schleich animals really are beautiful!

April 1, 2008

We bought the lion and indian elephant when we were vacationing in Australia without realizing how fabulous they were. They by far outrank the cheap knock-offs that they share a bin with. I realize now that I can buy them from Target! Looks like I’ll be picking up one each time we have a shopping trip. Another brand of animals I really like, also available at target…Anamalz {}.

April 1, 2008

We have loads of Schleich animals too… I always tried to get the whole fmaily of each species….too bad they do not make siblings!!
They are so nice…. we now started even the horse collection, they look so real!
I have to say they’re quite heavy to carry around, so definitely something to try to keep at home!

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