Falke tights In Dutch, thick, knitted tights are called a ‘maillot’. In French, a ‘maillot (de bain)’ is a swim suit. To add to the confusion, in Dutch, tights of the thin sort are called ‘panties’. (And a panty is called a ‘slipje’).
I’m glad the Germans decided not to participate with all this nonsense and just call their tights ‘strumpfhosen’. What a great word, don’t you think? Strumpfhosen, strumphosen… it almost sounds like the beginning of a fairytale!

Courtney already wrote about the great Falke Catspads (those fantastic in-house anti-slip socks), but I thought I had to tell you about these supercute Falke tights my daughter has been wearing this winter!

They come in a variety of beautiful colours with a classic argyle at the side. As with everything German, the quality is superb. Very cute with a simple, plain T-shirt and a pinafore dress!

Now, the only problem with all this is that the Falke site is in German and doesn’t seem to ship outside Germany (why???). If you think you can manage a Dutch site, you can get them at Woods. Or you can come to Amsterdam and get them where I got them, at Meijs & Co…

xxx Esther


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March 25, 2008

I discovered warm tights like this for adults at Hema and have been living in them this winter. They don’t have the pattern down the side though.

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